Nov 09, 2016

Working elements:工作原理:

Energy saving:Blower desiccant air dryer make use of the helical blower in order to improve the efficiency of compressed air can deliver 100% air supply sa as to reduce 20%cost of air compressor in operation.

节能:鼓风吸附式干燥机为改善压缩空气系统的效率,使用了独立的轴向鼓风机鼓风, 可100%传递空气压缩机的供气量,从而减少20%的空气压缩机成本。

工况条件和技术 指标 Work Condition and Technical Data

最大工作压力Max working pressure: 1.0MPa
最小工作压力Min operating pressure: 0.4MPa
最大进气温度Max inlet air temperature: 48℃
最小进气温度Min inlet air teperature: 4℃
最大鼓风温度Max ambient air temperature: 48℃
最小鼓风温度Min ambient air temperature: 4℃

HSD-GXF Series Technical Data (HSD-GXF系列技术参数)


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