Nov 09, 2016

Product Introduction产品简介

The filter material adopts ultra-micro fiber,3 grades of centrifugal,pre-filter & ultra-efficiency filter.It can remove oil,water and dust more thoroughly so as to gain more cleaning compressed air.Precision to be 0.1μ m,oil content less than 0.1mg/m³.

此系列产品以超细纤维为主体滤材,采用离心分离、预过滤和精过滤三级净化,能更彻底地去除 压缩空气中的油、水、尘,可获得超洁净的干燥压缩空气,过滤精度可达0.1μm,残油量小于 0.1mg/m³。

工况条件与技术指标 Work Conditinon and Technical Data

进气压力  Inlet pressure: 0.4-1.0MPa
进气温度  Inlet temperature : 5℃~65℃
初始压降  Initial pressure drop :≤0.007MPa
过滤孔径  Filtration aperture:5μm 
降水率     Water removal rate:≥99%
出口气体含油  Outlet air oil content:≤0.01ppm

HMR Series Technical Data(HMR系列技术参数)

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