Nov 09, 2016

Product Introduction 产品简介

HSD series high efficiency compressed air cooler is main corporate equipment of air compressor.It can cool down the high temperature air comes out from the air compressor which is made from screw brass pipeline.It gains characters of little volume,high efficiency and convenient using etc.,and can be used in high temperature,high humidity and heavy dust environment.

HSD系列高效空气冷却器是空气压缩机主要配套设备,它能将压缩机产生的高温压缩气进行冷却,采用高效螺纹铜管,产品具 有体积小,冷却效率高,使用方便等特点,能用于高温,高湿和重尘的环境。 

工况条件Work Condition and Technical Data

进气压力Inlet pressure:0.4~1.0MPa
进气温度Inlet temperature:≤140℃
出气温度Outlet temperature:≤45℃
冷却水进口温度Cooling water inlet temperature:≤32℃
冷却水进水压力Cooling water inlet pressure:0.2~0.4MPa

HSD- Series Technical Data(HSD系列技术参数)

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