Nov 09, 2016

Product Character产品特点

*Adopt 6 grades element which complement with America USP plastic biology. 采用符合美国药典USP塑料生物性六级的滤芯
*Element material is SPF who is good at hydrophobic,precision to be 0.01μm. It can filter bacterium,virus & phagocyte. 滤芯材料为疏水性聚四氟乙烯(SPF),过滤精度为0.01μm,可完全过滤细菌、 病毒、噬菌体。
*O ring seal (silica rubber and fluorine rubber),ensuring 100%air filtration. O型环(硅橡胶、氟橡胶)密封,确保气源100%得到过滤。
*Unique outer heat-resistant polypropylene.It can stand 140℃ steam bacterium removal and won’t reduce its precision if repeat sterilizing. 独有的耐热聚丙烯外鞘,能够耐受140℃蒸汽灭菌,重复消毒不降低效率。
*Stainless steel of housing,polishing of internal,Max.working pressure to be 1.0MPa.
*Operation temperature≤80℃. 操作温度≤80℃

HFS Series Technical Data(HFS系列技术参数)

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