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CMP is one of Thailand's leading distributors of ‘Dehaha’ (DHH) screw air compressor and also offers after sales service. We have an array of screw air compressor including water and air cooled, oil injected and oil less, belt and direct driven, diesel compressor and many others (Explore our lineup).

How Does It Work?

The screw air compressor works on two screws, also called rotors that revolve in opposite directions like a gear mechanism. The air gets physically squeezed by both the rotors (male and female rotors) that later come out from the other end. During the transition from entry to exit, the air changes temperature from cold to hot.

Benefits of Screw Air Compressors

These compressors are used in industrial and commercial fields for various applications and they offer a wide variety of advantages that are:

The screw air compressor comes in different types:

Oil Injected

The air compressor uses its part quite vigorously leading to heat generation. The liquid or oil is injected into the compression chambers to cool as well as coat the compressor parts. It also helps in cooling the compressed air and reduces leakage from the rollback into the chamber.

Generally, oil alone is the most used lubricant due to its excellent sealing and lubrication properties, sometimes other liquids are used too. The oil passes through a constant loop covering its cycle through the filter and cooling the unit back to its place.


In the oil-free compressor, the external gear counters rotate in synchronization; as the rotors never come in contact with each other, no friction is created hence, eliminating any need for lubrication in the compression chamber. The compressed air coming out of the machine stays oil-free.

The components are crafted through precision engineering; this helps in keeping the pressure leakage to the lowest. Oil-free air compressors are made to generate maximum air pressure, so these machines are designed with different cooling stages for optimum performance.

However, the compressor isn't completely oil-free, the gears mechanism does require lubricants, the ‘oil-free’ term has been used for the compression chamber, where no oil is injected.

Check out our series of screw air compressor and place your order according to your need.

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